Thursday, 5 January 2017

Unfinished business

It's the 5th of January 2017, and dust is settling on my stack of unfinished projects. I'm an idiot, because most of the time some absolutely trivial issue is keeping me from finishing my projects -- usually because I can't decide on some immaterial detail of the enclosure. Here are just some of the projects that I started but never completely finished:

  • MFOS SoundLab MiniSynth mk II -- 99% done
    I wanted to have a power supply based on a 12VDC input (2.1mm jack) and an internal voltage inverter to produce the negative rail (-12V) but was unable to find one that could deliver the required current levels.
  • Monowave wavetable synthesizer -- 95% done
    I just need to complete the panel wiring (19" rack case) but now I don't like the front panel graphics anymore.
  • Programmer for Yamaha DX7 -- 40% done
    I just can't decide on the number and layout of buttons and knobs. Software is doing well so far.
  • Programmer and UI for a NEC XR385 (Yamaha DB60XG) daughterboard -- 10% done
    I just can't decide on the number and layout of buttons and knobs. Software is doing ... not quite so well so far.
  • multi channel MIDI to CV interface -- 100% done
    Just finish the damn thing already!!
All the while I started the following new projects:
  • Minimoog clone
    I need to match transistors again, because I don't trust my results. Also, I need to decide on a different electronics enclosure, because I can't bend 1.6mm aluminium sheets.
  • Jasper Wasp clone
    Coming along nicely! I just need to order the remaining parts and then decide on an enclosure. Oh, wait...
  • Dream synthesizer based on a SAM2695 sound chip.
    I've already got the PCB and the SAMs, but these are QFN devices, and I have no idea whether I'll be able to solder them.
So, here's my New Year's resolution for 2017: I'm not going to start any new project until I've finished all of the above! I really am! I promise! Just not right now, because I just saw on Banggood this thing or other that I absolutely need to do first...

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