Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Cheap Home Recording Desk

When I have any spare time, I not only build synthesizers and guitars (more or less artfully) but I also use these devices to make — and hopefully publish someday — my own music. In addition to the DIY gear, I also have a Yamaha MOX6 music production synthesizer, a light version of Steinberg's Cubase DAW that came free with the MOX, a set of studio monitors, and a small Behringer mixing console. All of that constitutes a fairly complete albeit very simple home recording studio. What was missing so far is a desk where I can bring all this to life. Buying a professional desk is, of course, completely out of the question, but on IKEA Hackers you can find desks like this one that may not look like a lot but apparently serve their purpose well.

There's an IKEA store a few kilometers from where I live, so why not go there and look what's on offer? I did, and here's the result of my endeavour: a cheap home recording desk that looks far better that I deserve for my stinginess.

Recording desk, assembled.

It is not the most robust desk, but at least I've got one now. I can always improve stability, for example by adding another shelf console, or a trestle on one side of the desk. In its current state the desk consists of the following standard IKEA items:

Qty.ArticleArticle no.Unit priceSum
1LINNMON table top002.513.43CHF 29.95CHF 29.95
4ADILS table leg702.179.73CHF 5.00CHF 20.00
1EKBY JÄRPEN shelf200.943.47CHF 14.95CHF 14.95
2EKBY TÖRE console502.510.29CHF 7.50CHF 15.00
TotalCHF 79.90

All together a tad below CHF 80. That's EUR 65.87 / USD 83.20 / GBP 51.76. I challenge anyone to beat that!

Recording desk with tentatively placed monitors and keyboard.

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