Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Les Paul DIY kit (Part IV (a): more Tru-Oil finish)

This is part four (a) of my Les Paul DIY kit build history, and it deals with applying the oil finish to the back/edge of the body and the neck.

After having had quite a success with the black (or "ebony") top of the guitar, I proceeded to apply the oil to all mahogany stained parts of the body and neck. Having seen how the body absorbed the wood stain at all those parts of the edge where the wood is cut across the grain, I expected the oil to be sucked in likewise. The first coat on the back of the guitar went very well. It was absorbed neatly but still with only a few more helpings. Same with the first coat on the neck. But when I started applying the oil at the edge, I thought that I must have used up half the bottle when I finally had rounded the edge. Well, at least the second coat would need less. I was wrong. I could hardly keep up with the wood absorbing the oil, and I applied it generously.

After two coats I started buffing the surface with steel wool where the surface was smooth and (gently) with 400 grit sandpaper where it wasn't. The next coat went far easier, finally leaving a smooth and shiny surface everywhere. I'm now at coat number 4 and I can see the end of the tunnel. I'll do two or so more coats at the mahogany surfaces, and at least another three to four at the ebony top.

Back of the guitar after four coats of Tru-Oil. Cat decidedly unimpressed.

Applying the oil where the wood stain had already darkened the wood far beyond mahogany levels made it even darker. It's now nearly black, and I hate it far less than I should.

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